Safe Driving Tips during Rain

Driving in the rain can be both scary and risky, and it’s vital to take wet weather seriously when you’re on the road. There are lots of things you can do to make driving in the rain safer, including being prepared by ensuring your car is ready and ensuring you can always see appropriately. But most importantly, you have to drive according to the conditions, and regulate a few of your habits to evade sliding, skidding, or being involved in a collision.

Examine your vehicle appropriately
Ensure your windshield wipers are working accurately, and switch cracked or poor ones. Check your tire tread: take a quarter and insert it head first into the grooves. If there is any space, it’s time to replace. Replace any headlights or brake lights that are out. You want to see and be seen!

Examine Your Vehicle Properly

Keep your speed slow
You ought to always drive at a slower speed when the roads are wet. The faster you drive in a rainstorm, the more probable you are to have an accident. Leave the house earlier than usual to give yourself extra travel time so you won’t feel the urge to rush.

Keep Speed Slow

Turn on your headlights
Even if just a few raindrops are falling, turn on your headlights. Not only will this help you see the road, but it will help other drivers see you. However, don’t utilize your high beams in the rain. This can actually decrease your visibility and blind other drivers.

Turn on Headlight

Check your windshield wipers
Without windshield wipers, wet weather driving would resemble swimming without goggles. Rubber wiper blades collect grime and wear out, leading to streaks or unreliable wet patches on the windshield. But now you don’t have to worry about these hurdles. Rust-Oleum NeverWet Rain Repellent Spray doesn’t permit mud, rain and other liquid to stick to the car windshield and enhances the driving visibility during rain.

Check Windshield

Turn off cruise control
When you have cruise control turned on during a rainstorm, your car could really speed up if you hydroplane. Also, when you utilize cruise control, you’re probably not paying as much attention to the road. Turn off the cruise control and remain alert at all times when driving in the rain so you can react swiftly if necessary.

Turn on your defroster
Your windshield can mist up rapidly during a rainstorm, which can cause you to lose sight of the road. Turn on your front and back defrosters and the A/C to defog your windows.

Inspect your tires
You can’t say when it will rain but you can spot clear signs it will. Check your tire to guarantee that it is not overinflated. The rule is to ensure that the tire is in a good state so that it won’t become slippery since the road is likely to be so when it rains.

Don’t take pictures
Dying to capture the dreamlike beauty of that thundercloud or show the folks back home what a haboob looks like? Wait till you’re off the road before you click that picture. When you’re driving, focus on the road and keep both hands on the wheel.

Final note: Driving in the rain can be traumatic, also risky. It can be hard to see the road, and conditions can be less than perfect for tire-on-pavement transportation. Even without traffic, water affects how your car handles and transforms what might otherwise safe ride into a major hazard. To get where you have to go safely when it’s raining, it’s best to plan ahead and adjust your habits behind the wheel.