Kenworth W900: The Efficient Option for Long Hauls

Attractive features with a distinguished look bring us to the Kenworth W900. The Kenworth truck W900, like any other Kenworth truck, has earned the loyalty of its customers. But why are the A and B models so popular and in high demand? Let’s consider here the pros of the W900, its features and why these trucks are compelling enough to accompany you on your long hauls.

Kenworth W900A

This is a large semi and offers a smooth and enjoyable ride. In most cases what drivers grumble about with large trucks is if there are any wind leaks or rattles. In the case of the W900A, this Kenworth truck is quiet, and there is no cabin noise, which is astounding for a truck. The finish of the truck is excellent and is coupled with a refined look. The PACCAR engine offers maximum performance and efficiency. The resale value of this rig is very good. Its smooth suspension is another pro. In fact, it was Kenworth that introduced the original air ride system into the industry years ago, and it definitely works. They don’t show their age even after years of service, which indicates they are highly dependable and durable for the long haul.

Kenworth W900B

This truck likewise has excellent overall features just like the W900A. The cab is well designed and has an interior similar to what is seen in VIP vehicles. The cabin is very quiet, and this is because it has been thoroughly insulated. The exterior access to the bunk area is also conveniently designed. Moreover, the ventilation in the side doors is well situated. The space inside is made with high quality materials, and a high bunk version in this B variant of the Kenworth truck W900 offers a bright space inside. This edition is a perfect choice if you are planning on a team ride. There is a fridge available in the closet area. The tanks have straps, so the tanks are well secured. In comparison to the W900 A, the W900 B has higher-end door sealants.

Additional Info

The style of the cab makes the W900B stand apart from the rest of the Kenworth truck W900 series. The A version is the first generation edition, and the B is a second generation model. The W900 is massive, and this is a factor to consider regardless of whether you go for the W900A or W900B variants. However, there is a studio sleeper version that is ideal when a less bulky model is required. The interior design is superior with most of Kenworth’s offerings, and the W900 is no exception. The resale value of both these models is high. Used trucks from Kenworth are also a good option since they are so durable and long-lasting.

There is also their heavy-duty rig that has an extended body called the W900L from Kenworth. All of these trucks are likewise perfect for long hauls with the same features mentioned above.